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What My Clients Have to Say

I cant put into word on how good Jamie is. I have been to him at least 3 or 4 time in the past 4 months, His hands are so strong but so gentle at the same time. When I am on his table and he starts his magic with his hands I feel so good. He starts off soft and so my body gets use to his hand takes about 3 mins to do that but he is feeling my body to find out where I am tensed and also applying his own oils he makes and I will say this its one of the best I have had on me. It make my skin so soft afterwards and now residue of it when he towels you off after the session,He does know what he is doing and one of the best I have ever been to. I have been to many and walked away sore as hell for a few days afterwards but not with him. He is true to his word about catering to the clients wants and needs. he is never in a rush with me and when I am done I just want to lay there and go to sleep that's how relaxed he makes you. on a scale of 1-10 I give him a 99. I never have met anyone with strong hands and he has and also so gentle. I wish I could bottle him up and just take him home with me for the nights I cant get to him. He has come to my location and bought table music and his oils with him. I have book both his sessions 60 and 90 mins each and would recommend his 90 min session, he spend more time to your extra areas you need worked out or on. and yes he does release all your hard stress every time I have been with him

Jamie is a hell of a man. Very ***yy and a great masseur. He takes direction well but doesn't need much because he is intuitive. He has a nice touch. I feel relieved and relaxed all over. I highly recommend his services. He is better looking than his pictures. He is sweet.

The Best in the area. I have been to him a few time and cant really put into words on how good he is. His hands are so strong but also gentle at the same time. I work long hrs and get out of work late. It was a god sent that I found him. I get out at 11 pm and he has always been able to work me in the nights I call. His outdoor studio is great very private and loved the wind blowing on my body as he worked his magic on my body. I have never felt so relaxed as I do under his hands. He is true to his work about catering to my his clients needs. His massages make me almost melt and I dont want to leave his table because I am so relaxed I could fall asleep. He also true about releasing all your hard stress. I travel about 40 mins to get to him but I will promise you one thing you will not find anyone that is so kind and gentle as he is and also great personality.... and if I may say very sexy. His photos dont do him justice.

One of the best that I have had. The massage was go good I went home to take a nap afterwards. I cant put into words on how strong his hands are and how goo d they felt massaging every inch of my body. I was true to his word on he caters to your wants and needs. His out door studio I would recommend it is Private and love the cool breeze blowing on my body as he touched me with his own oils he makes. After the session he toweled me down and you could not even feel any oils were used but left my skin so soft. This is my 2nd time to him and he works his clients in as best as he can for the time and how long of a session they are looking for. The one thing I do like about his services I work late and he was able to get me in at 11 pm. I did a 90 min session with him the second time and again I cant put into words on how I felt afterwords and he does take care of all your hard stress


Hey Jamie, Thank you for a really relaxing and stimulating session. I really loved the massage and was really enjoying. I really would like to have a full massage again because it felt amazing  I'll definitively use your services again. 
Thank you for making me feel good. 

I just want to say you made me feel real good tonight.  I am coming back and get another one of your great massages.

"Most Amazing treatment I ever had. you got a magic touch. I will be looking forward to receiving another treatment. Many thanks"


"Best ever! I’ll be back. Very specifically focused & professional"


"Unbelievable!! Therese has the magic touch. Firm but relaxing which is just what I needed."

So relaxing, it doesn't get better than this! Best massage I have had in years. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and every time I get my massage I feel like a new person. Looking forward to my return visit. Thanks: 


"I don't think I have ever felt more relaxed yet alive. The stress of the week and all my worries just melted away thanks to the treatment I got at love 2 relax you." Sean


Jamie is a great masseuse, with innate intuition, healing vibrations and large, strong hands that know just what to do--hands that 'listen' with a caring intent and skillfully respond. His manner is warm, courteous and professional.I recommend his services to anyone. I am someone who prefers strong deep pressure work and he performed wonderfully. Feeling grateful! Quotes

Grateful and happy


Jamie has an expert, relaxing touch. I enjoy his massages very much!”

Sam L.


I have experienced the pleasure of massage therapy with Jamie. Having had other massage therapy experiences that were not pleasurable (those that left bruises and left me feeling much worse than before the massage). I have come to realize the importance of a skilled therapeutic massage executed by a professional, trained individual. Beyond his professionalism, I find that Jamie truly cares about each individual, their health, their circumstances - mind body and spirit. He is dedicated to her profession and is, simply stated, one of the best!!!



My experience at your studio has always been very positive. Your massage therapist is 100% A++. He is great and I have told others about him



"One of the best massages I’ve had – And I’ve had many! Thank you! "




"That was Amazing. Lots of love, Danny"



"Amazing - Will be back! Thank You!"




"My favourite pair of hands, you make me weak in calm and serenity"